• Hillcrest Mountain View Retreat
  • 167 Upper Crystal Creek Rd, Upper Crystal Creek, Byron Bay & the Far North Coast NSW 2484, Australia
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If you're a dog owner and a traveller seeking a serene escape that seamlessly combines natural beauty, luxury, and a warm welcome for your furry companion, Hillcrest Mountain View Retreat should be at the top of your list. This hidden gem, perched high on a hill in Upper Crystal Creek, offers an array of compelling reasons for dog lovers to make it their next getaway.

Spectacular Views: Hillcrest boasts breathtaking vistas that stretch from Mt Warning to the Springbrook and Cougal Ranges. Imagine waking up to these stunning views with your canine companion by your side. The scenic beauty alone makes it worth the visit.

Dog-Friendly Atmosphere: At Hillcrest, dogs are not just tolerated; they are warmly welcomed. The spacious five-acre property provides ample room for your furry friend to explore, run, and play. You can enjoy a vacation where your four-legged family member is integral to the experience.

Relaxation and Peace: Traveling with a dog can sometimes be hectic, but Hillcrest offers the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of life. You and your pup can unwind in the tranquillity of this retreat, whether by taking a dip in the saltwater pool, lounging in the gazebo, or simply enjoying the peace and quiet of the countryside.

Luxurious Accommodations: The rooms at Hillcrest are designed for ultimate comfort. The Mount Warning Room, for instance, offers a private spa bath, plush robes, and stunning views of Mt Warning. Your furry friend will love the spacious surroundings as much as you do.

Self-Catering Options: The Cottage at Hillcrest is ideal for dog owners who prefer a self-catering experience. With a fully equipped kitchen and provisions for a hearty breakfast, you can savour delicious meals while spending quality time with your dog in a cozy, private setting.

Proximity to Nature: Hillcrest is in a region known for its natural beauty. It's a convenient base for exploring the wonders of the Numinbah Valley and the lush pastures surrounding Mount Warning. Your dog will relish accompanying you on nature walks and adventures.

Hillcrest Mountain View Retreat offers a unique and inviting escape for dog owners and travellers alike. With its pet-friendly policies, luxurious accommodations, and stunning location, it's the perfect destination to create lasting memories with your canine companion while enjoying the tranquillity and beauty of the Australian countryside.