About us

The internet was created as a decentralised network of trusted sources of information for sharing amongst like minded communities. Now largely centralised, the global control of information on the internet renders local communities vulnerable to geopolitical, economic, and commercial influence. Customer experience, trust and privacy are the leading concerns reported about global internet search engines.Addressing these concerns, the online4services.com (O4S) global network of community information directories promotes and connects local culture, activities, events, goods, and services with people.O4S supports business owners to promote their goods and services, and receive and manage enquiries in relation to those services. All property information is submitted by third parties and is displayed in good faith. (Please see Terms & Conditions). While O4S takes every precaution to ensure the integrity of the site, we are not responsible for managing content created by private businesses or verifying the accuracy of that information.Contact us to find out how you can get your business listed (free basic listing) on O4S or ask us how you can create your own community directory.